Le Fooding is missing something on Coffee and Brooklyn!

Gosh, long time no write here! I decided to catch up though I’ve been to many many coffee joints since then, which makes me wonder how to catch up.

What makes me write today is our friends from Le Fooding who are trying to occupy Brooklyn.

Le Fooding is cool (see www.lefooding.com). If you don’t know it, it’s a french foody guide, initially for and from Paris with good insights and reviews on restaurants and more importantly, good taste. I was clearly buying their guide every year back when I used to live in Paris. Despite loosing a bit of it’s crisp while growing-up (and adding ads and sponsors…) it is still good stuff.

So, Le Fooding has been going out of Paris and France and throwing events in different cities, one of them being New York. I didn’t know about that! I was really interested to discover this, especially as the event teaser content is good looking, engaging and appealing.

But very quickly, after scanning the nice page (that you can find here: www.lefooding.com/evenements/2012/le-grand-fooding/new-york/) I realized the non-sens! Looks like the only coffee experience you might expect from this event is to drink this industrial easy-to-make coffee, kind enough to sponsor the event (not to name it: Nesspresso). Nespresso is may be far better than most crappy office coffee machines, it’s really not delicious, so boring and also against many of the good principle that I thought people care for more and more (local, fresh, tracable, fair, organic, recyclable…)! How can you ignore the local coffee scene to that extend when so many good coffee around including more and more high quality roasters? How can you only rely on this sponsor which is just miles away from the values that are supposed to drive Le Fooding? Specialty Coffee should be invited to the table.

I just don’t get it, and most likely won’t go to Le Fooding Brooklyn. They surely don’t care but still, this is a bad sign. This is my sunday rant!


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