A very handsome city

I love New York and I will love it more and more I feel. However, I must confess I had a hard time get along with downtown Manhattan. This might change!

My favorite coffee is coming to town, and it’s going to be downtown! That was a rumor I knew very much for a while but I was not totally sure yet. However, I read it somewhere now so I guess it ain’t anymore rumor stage.

If you haven’t heard about Handsome Coffee, you can know a bit more about them here and here. Handsome is my favorite coffee at the moment and it has nothing to deal with the fact that these folks are handsome… It is really about taste and flavor.. I can’t say for espresso, but for french press yes. This coffee transformed my french press which was a default choice, waiting for my new espresso machine to come as soon as possible… I don’t anymore see my press as a fallback instrument!

One other thing great. I heard somewhere that this Handsome shop might be a bit fundamentalist. Fundamentalism is not always a good thing but some time it is… I heard there would be no low-fat milk, no soy milk, no  half and half, no sugar only whole milk and dark juice! That is a great thing. No more young hipsta-hippie working lady with their yoga pad and their Chihuahua ordering soy vanilla latte to go before me in the line! Great! (I would love a coffee shop with only espresso and only porcelain if your ask me for more fundamentalism)

The other good thing is that my office will move to DUMBO so I will just have to cross the bridge to reach the handsome spot!

  • Handsome Coffee Roaster at Demi Monde (opening soon)
    90 Broad Street

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