Blue Bottle shop and roastery on Berry, Williamsburg

Long time no see Blue Bottle!

When I stayed a couple of weeks in Williamsburg, the Blue Bottle coffee shop on Berry was my favourite, and was the place I would go especially in the week ends, to enjoy usually one espresso followed by a Latte while reading a book or a newspaper.

Since that, roughly a year ago, each time I would go to Blue Bottle shop would be the wrong timing: totally packed and a line going even out of the shop which is not the kind of things I really enjoy. That’s too bad but easily understandable: the place is really beautiful, perfectly designed and styled, two blocks from Bedford stop, ideally located now for Williamsburgers. Be aware of that, if you’re only looking for an instant of peace and quietness, you might be at  the wrong place, or be an early bird!

This last sunday I took the time and went there not to late, around 11:o0am. The line was already there, and it was already started to be pack but I decided to stay because I was really dying for an espresso, but also had to buy a french-press and I knew that they have some.

I ended not buying any french press, the one I like was not on sale, and the prices were a bit high in my opinion, but I got and enjoyed my espresso! (by the way, for people looking for some espresso gears, they do have good stuff here, and that is where I bought my pitchers, that they have in all sizes)

One thing I really like at this Coffee Shop, they try to always have on the menu two espressos, their usual Retrofit espresso blend that they pour from a La Marzocco FB80) and a single origin espresso that they pour from a very beautiful Faema Urania. It’s cool to be able to taste different espressos, and also to have the choice depending of your mood!

The bar is really nice and big, with the 2 machines, a nice selection of pastries made in house, and  also a quite long “pour over” drip bar (and I notice a large part of the clientele is ordering drip coffee there!). After the bar, you can see the roastery and also the place where they train and do cupping, very nice and large space, and in from of the bar, in the middle of shelves with coffee accessories for sale, a really remarkable installation for slow-drip coffee used for iced-coffe made of glass kettles and pipes. Honestly I never tried this and don’t even know how it works and how it taste! But surely, it contributes to the style of the place and to attract people… and it is indeed a nice thing to see!

But back to my cup! My single origin espresso was good of course and service was perfect (I must say this has always been the case). It was however not outstanding. It was beans from El Salvador. Very chocolaty, very young and green I would say. I don’t know if it comes from me or them but, though I really think it is still very good, I have the impression Blue Bottle is slightly diminishing in terms of quality, and it is definitely not anymore wowing me as it used to, and not totally on my top list!

In summary, if you are in the neighborhood, you want to go to that place to see it! If you are an early morning person, it could definitely turn into a very good spot for you for coffee to go or to stay! Forget about working there though if you need to be online, never worked well for me. Better to read a book, a newspaper or just write… And if you are unsure about where it is, if you see a big squirrel paint on a wall, that’s the place!

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