Stumptown on 29th

Hey! I’v been lazy writing during the busy holidays period but I am back in business.

So today, I share about my other “daily coffee place”, the one that is ten meters from my office, and I must confess I am lucky with this office. This place is a coffee shop run by Stumptown Coffee Roasters. I discovered Stumptown almost four years ago in Seattle, and while it took some months, it very quickly became for me one of the top coffee roaster, with high quality, extremly constant in that respect, despite offering a very wide and changing selection of coffee, in both single origins or blends.

So, that is primarly what makes me happy there, either having an espresso shot, a machiatto, or buying my beans for home: the quality of coffee! I believe it is still the best in NYC. Please Stumptown, stick to this standard, even if you’re getting bigger and bigger!

Let’s go for the bad side of it now. First of all, it is totally over-hyped. Some people don’t pay attention, some others don’t like it. Me, it’s depending of the days. The coffee shop is part of the Ace Hotel which is cool, but also very over-hyped. The hotel host a couple of fancy boutiques and the Breslin restaurant, a very good table I must say, of course with the price that goes with it. So, this makes it a super crowded and fashionable area! The place is run by a small army of Barista, all disguised in some sort of mid century vintage clothes (you might like it or not but one thing is sure, it lacks of genuineness) and working on 2 3-headed Mistral La Marzocco. And despite the large staff and the 6 heads… there is almost always a long line going even out of the coffee shop into the hotel lobby. If you’re in the rush, forget about it!

And finally, still in the bad side, I regret that here, I am never offered an espresso when buying beans (I thought this was a tradition in the coffee industry, is that time over?). A last bad note: I had to go to the hotel’s ATM a couple of time because I was out of cash; they don’t take credit card (how a shop like this, with such an outflow, can not have its own CC machine???), so again this takes time and 2 USD transactions… add this to of course a price list that goes with the standard and this makes it an expensive coffee place, no doubt.

Summary: go for the coffee first, then go to see it and experience it and make your own opinion but I bet there are many coffee shops now in Manhattan where you would feel much more “home” than here, starting with the venerable Joe’s, even if the coffee is sometime a bit behind than Stumptown.

  • Stumptown Coffee Shop Manhattan
    18 W 29th St.
    New York, NY 10001

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