RBC NYC, no handsomeness but plenty of good beans

As I was in the city today, I went to RBC NYC. I wanted to try this place since a couple of weeks, but more than that, I wanted to go there to get some beans from Handsome Coffee Roasters, this new roaster created by some good folks from the coffee industry, and RBC is the only place I know in New York carrying them!

Bad luck, no more stock of Handsome Coffee

Still as I was there I bought a stock of different roasters: 49th Parallel 49th (from Vancouver), Counter Culture (from Durham, NC), Heart (from Portland), Barismo (from Barlington, Ma) and Coava (from Portland)

I didn’t know at all Barismo, and it’s what they were using for espresso today. Ended up in a very good, short espresso cup poured by their beautiful Slayer, of a blend (guatemala, colombia and colombia) that was very good. Subtle, a good sweetness, not too strong, almost no bitterness. I really liked it.

Beside that, the space is nice, I think you can work there a little but it’s not that big. The location, Broadway and Worth, is not the best to me, in Tribeca, but not the best part of it (I really have little reasons to go in the area). I would recommend definitely to try it. It’s also interesting to have a place that carry so many roasters, but this can also be questionable, as well as the fact that the roast is not really local for most of them… Anyway, one concrete consequence, you will have less freshly roasted coffee than from a local provider. Some of my beans where roasted more than 2 weeks ago. Depending one when you want to use them, you might want to check this before buying!

    71 Worth Street
    New York, NY 10013
    Map here 

2 thoughts on “RBC NYC, no handsomeness but plenty of good beans

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