Upright on Manhattan avenue

Upright Coffee, this is my everyday coffee spot!

They opened sometime spring 2011 and I think I was one of their first customers… It’s a 1mn walk from my home and since I haven’t yet (re)invested in an espresso machine, it’s there that I’m having my daily shots. Americanos’ the early morning and Espressos for the rest of the day.

While the first month, clearly they were not pouring the best espresso’s ever, they quickly improved, and have a small but nice rotating staff doing a pretty good job behind the Marzocco now. Not yet top of the cups but getting there.

They use coffee from the Brooklyn Roasting company, which does a pretty good job. If your in Greenpoint, and looking for a good espresso, it’s definitely a good spot, their are not that many in the heart of Greenpoint. You can also buy beans there. I’ve heard from them they are on their way to open another coffee shop in Manhattan (547 Hudson St.) and I look forward to go check it up.

For a full experience, go play pinball at the laundry next door!

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