Champion on Manhattan

Ok, this is the first one appearing on this blog, a small coffee shop at the top north of Manhattan avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s been almost a year that I targeted it but never tried it. It looked very good from the outside, and I must say I am surprised that I didn’t go there before. Fancy, slightly brooklynish style but not too much, a nice FAEMA E61 that you can see from the street, well good feeling.

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The machine must have been of this kind - Image via Wikipedia

Today so, I was for some reasons close to that place and went for an espresso here.

They use Oslo roasters. This was not necessarily a good sign. I don’t dislike it but I have never been amazed by Oslo coffee.

When I enter, choice offered for espresso are single, double or triple shots. Surprising, very few places I went lately would suggest triple, but also very few steel brew single shot. An espresso is now very often by default a “double shot”.

Here comes the espresso, though I couldn’t blame my barista as there is no rule, disapointment, this was really a lot of liquid. I should have ask “ristretto” here. May be being in this kind of coffee shop, I was sure it would be also by default something short and dense enough, it was definitely not. The coffee was not that bad, but no strong taste or flavor, however way to “longo” for me, a lot of water and a bit too much extraction.

I might go back, ask for Ristretto, but no, not convinced. I was sure the coffee was way better there as it looked very promising, I’ll have to come another time, may be it was a bad day… but as we all know, that is the story about, being consistent!

  • Champion Coffee
    1108 Manhattan Ave # A,
    Brooklyn, NY 11222-1040
    (718) 383-5195 ‎
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